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The rugs of HEMUS Ltd. Velingrad are not available as mass-market products.

The designer rug can be the spatial point of dominance, embodying the most extraordinary creative fantasies or, alternatively, it can be in harmony with the other elements of the interior thus complementing and enhancing the overall look and aura of the room.

Therefore with HEMUS Ltd. YOU CHOOSE:

  • The design – HEMUS Ltd. can create a new design following the vision of the customer
  • The size
  • The assortment of colors
To achieve such performance, the company managed to gradually close the production cycle over a course of 15 years and to train valuable qualified staff with specific knowledge and skills related to the specific stages of making masterpieces. For a HEMUS rug is not just a rug; it is a unique piece of art which becomes a precious heirloom for generations to come.
And here comes the surprise: THE PRICE – HEMUS rugs go with the most competitive and affordable prices on the market, locally and abroad alike.

The team of HEMUS Ltd. Velingrad traditionally would invite the owner of the rug to the workshop while the rug is still on the loom to place a “signature” on the rug (e.g. to tie a couple of knots making the rug his/hers and unique), as well as to meet the women at the loom making the rug.

A curious thing about unique handmade rugs is that with years and with use their quality and price go up. Rugs created by the company 20 years ago are emerging at auctions across Western Europe at double price.

The Affordable Unique Pieces of Art for Your Home!


Some of our clients include:

  • The Rila Monastery – the room of Tzar Boris III;
  • The British Royal Family;
  • The National Organization for Conservation of Cultural Heritage of the United Kingdom;
  • The Osborne Historic Palace, Isle of Wight, built as a summer residence of Queen Victoria;
  • The office of the then Prime Minister Tony Blair;
  • Alnwick Castle in which part of the Harry Potter movie was shot – the carpet in the Guest Hall;
  • Jane Churchill (Winston Churchill’s grand-daughter);
  • Albert Museum in Vienna;
  • Deventer Historic Residence, the Netherlands.

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